Testimonials from our alumni

a.pngThe MDM program is one of the most valuable investments (I've made) in my life. It strengthened and sharpened my understanding and practice of development management. The experienced professors and the case method enhanced my theoretical and practical skills while the well-selected mix of experienced students from various sectors of the Asian region enriched the process of learning beyond the lectures. The experience further strengthened my leadership and commitment in working for the poor.b


Handoko Ngadiman
MDM 2008, Country Director, Compassion Indonesia



a.pngMDM provides the theory and the practical experience of development work from different perspectives. The professors inspired us to work and think in different ways by broadening our world view and preparing us for global cooperation and collaboration. With rapid change in the international environment, MDM provided us with more confidence.b


Lu Yao
MDM 2006, Network Coordinator, Yunnan Health and Development Association
People's Republic of China


a.pngAfter graduation, I was promoted to director and [the program] prepared me to take on management roles. I was able to utilize key strategies and tools which equipped me with the tasks and responsibilities associated with the position.  

Edgar Pato
MDM 2010, Director for Socio-cultural Cooperation, ASEAN Secretariat


a.pngMDM means a lot to me, my organization and my country in many ways. My confidence level is more than heightened; I was able to gather committed friends and founded an organization called Action Works Nepal.



Radha Paudel
MDM 2010, Action Works Nepal
Awardee, N-Peace Awards 2012



a.pngIf I compare my 11 years of work experience with my years of work after graduating from AIM, I sense the difference.  I am now more confident than before.  I feel like I am growing up professionally. Thank you, AIM.



Afonso Aleixo
MDM 2010, Ministry of Finance
Timor Leste




a.png The MDM experience is a holistic approach that not only refreshes one's views on others, but on oneself. It has changed my vista on certain things and MDM has enriched me with learning about how we can be empowered, how we can be of influence and how we can imprint unto others the change needed. Personally, MDM is an immeasurable investment and experience. 



Girard Pacifico B. Marin
MDM 2009, Senior Security and Emergency Officer, Asian Development Bank




a.pngThe MDM Program has equipped me with insight, enabling me to analyze the external as well as internal environment in order to make a strategic plan. In particular, I have applied the principles of Social Marketing and Development Finance in many of the new schemes and policies that I have steered and implemented within the government system. For me, the MDM program of the Asian Institute of Management has been an extremely rewarding and enriching learning process that has changed my approach towards work.b


Leena Nandan
MDM 2004, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India