Kenneth Y. Hartigan-Go, MD



Kenneth Y. Hartigan- Go, MD
Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management, AIM
Non-resident Fellow 


Professor Hartigan-Go’s consultancy work with multilateral agencies in different Asian countries, as well as his leadership positions in various medical organizations and in government, provide a unique platform for his proposed improvements on health systems.

Teaching History at AIM
Before his appointment as core faculty of the AIM in September 2010, Professor Hartigan-Go was an adjunct faculty member, primarily assigned to handle courses in the Institute's Center for Development Management.
Teaching History in other institutions
Professor Hartigan-Go was a professor of the Department of Pharmacology, UP College of Medicine from 1990 to 2005. He was part of the team that envisioned and established the National Poisons Control and Information Services.
Public Posts
From 1994 to 1997, Prof. Hartigan-Go headed the Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring Program for the Department of Health, and in 1999 to 2001 was seconded from U.P. to serve as the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Food and Drugs, and concurrent Manager of the National Drug Policy Program of the DOH. He was recently named Director of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 
NGO Work

Professor Hartigan-Go served as founding Executive Director of the Zuellig Foundation, a health NGO advocating sound health policy and health sector reforms, bridging partnership between private and public sector through health leadership programs from 2001 to 2009. As head of the foundation,  he anchored its work on four programs; health technology asessment, quality assurance and patient safety, good governance in health, and health systems strengthening. He led several research projects on drug discovery and development, public-private partnerships in health, and health governance. 


Professor Hartigan-Go is a member of the World  Health Organization Advisory Committee on Safety of Medicinal Products and the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety and is currently a consultant to the EU- FP7 (Framework Project) Monitoring of Medicines work plan 1- 4 (Jan 2010 to the present). Prof. Hartigan-Go is also a member of the Health Policy Steering Committee of the National University of Singapore Initiative to Improve Health in Asia (NIHA).

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, University of Newcastle, Tyne United Kingdom (1998)
  • Fellow, Clinical Pharmacology, Wolfson Unit of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Newcastle, Tyne United Kingdom (1992-1994)
  • Doctor of Medicine degree, University of the Philippines-College of Medicine, 
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program, Philippine General Hospital


  • Fellow Awardee, Philippine College of Physicians
  • Recipient, Dr. Jose P. Rizal Award for Excellence as Outstanding Chinese Filipino in the field of Medicine, 2008