Buenaventura F. Canto III
Buenaventura F. Canto III
Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management, AIM
Core Faculty


Professor Buenaventura F. Canto is on the core faculty of the Institute. Prof. Canto served as Associate Dean for the Master in Business Management (MBM) Program as well as Director of the Master in Management (MM) Program and Management Development Program (MDP). He was also the head of AIM's Team for Action Research in Development Management and Director of the Program for Development Managers.

He specializes in strategic management, leadership development, financial and cost management, facilitating quality improvement, as well as designing executive education programs and training of teachers.

Prof. Canto has been a consultant and trainer to major business firms, government and private development institutions in Indonesia, Malaysia, People's Republic of China, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand, as well as multinationals operating in Asia, such as Citibank, Johnson & Johnson, Reynolds, Caltex, Shell, Asian Development Bank, USAID, etc. He has conducted numerous executive programs designed to meet special strategic and organizational transformation needs of national and international firms in banking, insurance, telecommunications, automobile and parts manufacturing, food products, pharmaceuticals, metals, petroleum, electronics, media, construction and engineering, agribusiness, social development, and education.

Since 1985, Prof. Canto has developed and led workshops on case method teaching and writing for faculty of AIM and other management institutes in Asia. His research interests center on identifying distinctive practices of outstanding managers in Asian firms as well as on improving methods for learning business management and leadership skills, particularly the techniques of case teaching, writing and research.

Prof. Canto is the Managing Partner of LearnTech International, a management consulting and training firm, and President of General Holdings Corporation which specializes in packaging medium and long-term financing. He was the Executive Vice President of Databank Asia, Inc., management consultant to the National Steel Corporation, and head of Finance and Accounting at Iligan Integrated Steel Mills, Inc. Before joining AIM, he taught managerial economics, finance and control at the Graduate School of Business of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Prof. Canto is a certified instructor for Exceptional Management Practices, a program developed by The Forum Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Leadership and Teambuilding workshops of the SYMLOG Consulting Group in San Diego (California). He also completed the programs on Tools for Developing Successful Executives at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro (North Carolina), Facilitating Juran on Quality Improvement and Teaching Quality Improvement Tools at the Juran Institute in Wilton (Connecticut). He is a member of the Strategic Management Society and the American Society for Quality Control.

Prof. Canto earned his Master in Business Management degree (With Honors) at the Graduate School of Business of the Ateneo de Manila University (1966) and completed the International Teachers Program of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in Boston (Massachusetts).