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Professor Jose Ramon Albert on Big Data


29 April 2014 - Professor Jose Ramon Albert shares his thoughts on Big Data, and it's potential use for public policy formulation and development work. 


Professor Ron Mendoza on Pnoy's election drive
Prof. Ron Mendoza02 October 2012 - Professor Ronald Mendoza shares his thoughts on President Aquino's election drive and the possble effects of next year's election results on the administration's anti-corruption campaign.More>>

Dr. Nihal Amerasinghe speaks on Sri Lanka in light of Asian development
Dr. Nihal Amerasinghe12 January 2012 - Dr. Nihal Amerasinghe, Center for Development Management (CDM) core faculty member was guest speaker at the Postgraduate Institute of Management in Sri Lanka where he discussed the important factors that Sri Lanka and other Asian countries need to consider in order to get on the path of development. More>>

Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go on healthcare in the ASEAN
Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go11 October 2011 - A social health insurance model that's appropriate for each country needs to be developed in order for healthcare to be truly accessible to citizens across the ASEAN region.More>>

Professor Ron Mendoza on freedom of information bill
Prof. Ron Mendoza29 July 2011 - The freedom of information act is crucial to the task of ending corruption in government, Center for Development Management (CDM) core faculty and director of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center, Professor Ronald U. Mendoza asserts.More>>

Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go on the high cost of medicines and drug security
Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go06 July 2011 - The Department of Health and our local hospitals are procuring generic medicines at triple their international prices, a travesty in the Philippines where a majority have barely any access to health services.More>>

Professor Ron Chua on microfinance and agriculture
Prof. Ronald Chua17 June 2011 - Six million upper level poor families are served by microfinance institutions in the country, yet there remains a supply and demand gap on financial services for rural households.More>>

Professor Ronald Mendoza on PH Global Economic Competitiveness
Prof. Ron Mendoza19 May 2011 - The Institute of Management Development (IMD) released the World Competitive Yearbook 2011 on May 2011, revealing that the Philippines has fallen two notches from last year, down to 41st place in the 2011 ranking of 59 world economies.More>>

Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go on lowering the price of health

Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go

28 April 2011 - The Asian Institute of Management – Dr. Stephen Zuellig Center for Asian Business Transformation (AIM Zuellig Center) is at the forefront of the fight for better health services for Filipinos in the face of government's thrust towards medical tourism.