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(17) Columbia University MPH student Justine Ang Fonte on current PH reproductive health curricula

Justine Ang Fonte

21 July 2011 - Crucial to the debates on the Reproductive Health Bill is the question of sex education for the Filipino youth, a question that’s become embroiled in even more questions instead of any answers at all.


(16) Yale University's Dean Karlan on New Economics and Solving Global Poverty
Dean Karlan12 July 2011 — Yale University Professor of Economics, and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) founder and president Dean Karlan proves that there is value in the space between, especially when the question is about affecting real solutions to global poverty.More>>

(15) Kiel Institute of the World Economy's Dr. Omar Mahmoud on Migration and Political Change

Dr. Omar Mahmoud

30 June 2012 - Migration’s effects on the countries of origin are not just about financial remittances and brain drain. Nor is migration simply the act of leaving nation and its politics behind.


(14) The Mining Debate

Mining Debate

05 June 2011 - The Center for Development Management’s (CDM) hosted a debate on mining in the Province of Palawan on two consecutive fora held on May 5 and June 5, 2011.


(13) Grameen Foundation's Julie Peachey Leads Roundtable Discussion on Microsavings

Julie Peachey

16 May 2012 - The Center for Development Management's (CDM) Development-At-Work Seminar Series sponsored a roundtable discussion entitled "Promoting Saving Among Low-Income Households: A Holistic Transformative Approach to Mobilizing Microsavings" on May 16 2011, with a presentation from Julie Peachey, Savings Mobilization Project Manager of Grameen Foundation, and commentaries from an expert panel composed of MFI practitioners. 


(12) MILF Peace Panel Meet with Business Sector in CDM Forum
MILF Peace Panel08 May 2011 - The Center for Development Management (CDM) with International Alert, the Mindanao Business Council and Mindanao People's Caucus brought the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Negotiating Panel to the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) to dialogue with business in a forum entitled A Meeting with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) panel of negotiators on May 6 2011.More>>

(11) University of Ulster's Christine Bell on Peacebuilding

Prof. Christine Bell

13 April 2011 - The peace process as a vital part of contemporary global life was discussed in the last Development-At-Work Seminar of the Center for Development Management (CDM), with guest and leading scholar-practitioner Professor Christine Bell.


(10) Centre for Micro Finance India's Tannirkulam & Sadhu on India's microfinance crisis

Seminar on MicroFinance in India

15 May 2011 - The Executive Director and Senior Research Manager of the Centre for Micro Finance (CMF) presented the key findings of their study on the microfinance crisis in India  on a Development-at-Work Series organized by the Center for Development Management (CDM) on March 14 2011.


(9) Catholic Relief Services Sudan's Neal VY Deles on Humanitarian Work
24 February 2011 - The forum entitled "Challenges of Humanitarian Operations in Darfur" was held on 24 February 2011 with guest speaker Neal V.Y. Deles, Program Quality and Management Quality Coordinator in West Darfur, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) based in Northern Sudan.More>>

(8) Brennan School of Business' Kathleen Odell on Microfinancing and Poverty
12 November 2011 - Professor of Economics Kathleen Odell of the Dominican University's Brennan School of Business presented the key findings of her report entitled "Does Microfinance Alleviate Poverty? A New Stocktaking". Her lecture was delivered via video conference on November 11, 2010.More>>