News and Events


(27) Dr. Gabriel Carreon on PGH and Primary Health Care in the Philippines

Dr. Gabriel G. Carreon

01 February 2012 - Dr. Gabriel Carreon, former PGH Director from 1971 to 1979, was at the Asian Institute of Management to share his experience in affecting change in the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and to give his thoughts on the current medical and public health landscape.



(26) LSE-IDEAS' Emmanuel Yujuico on ICT's Cautions and Consequences


26 Jan 2012 - In the year’s first Development-at-Work Seminar, Dr. Emmanuel Yujuico, Research Fellow at LSE-IDEAS, discussed how information and communications technology (ICT) affect freedom and development.




(25) H.E. David Jalagania on the rise of the new Georgia

H.E. David Jalagania

24 Nov 2011 - The Center for Development Management (CDM) hosted a Development-at-Work lecture by H.E. David Jalagania, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia in late 2011.


(24) Chinese Academy of Sciences' Dr. Caizhen Lu on poverty assessment

Dr. Caizhen Lu

12 November 2011 - Presenting the work she did for her recently published book, Dr. Caizhen Lu asserts the need to look at the different approaches to poverty assessment in a Development-At-Work forum held on 10 November 2011.


(23) Nagoya University’s Dr. Yukari Takamura on climate change

Dr. Yukari Takamura08 November 2011 - The Center for Development Management (CDM) and the Embassy of Japan hosted the forum International Climate Change Regime: Its Challenges and Prospects with Dr. Yukari Takamura of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University.


(22) Dr. Dean Shuey on health systems and international aid

13 October 2012  -  In a Development-At-Work forum entitled "Health Systems Strengthening and Overseas Development Assistance: Help or Hindrance?" Dr. Dean Shuey asserted the need for countries to become more independent in setting up and strengthening their health systems, towards dealing differently with overseas development assistance.



(21) Member of British Parliament Rt. Hon. Paul Murphy on peacebuilding

Paul Murphy12 October 2011 — Member of British Parliament Rt.Hon.Paul Murphy was guest speaker at a Development-At-Work forum on the possibilities for peacebuilding in Mindanao based on the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.




(20) Dr. Savita Shankar on microfinance and financial inclusion

Dr. Savita Shankar

5 October 2011 — The effectivity of microfinance in affecting financial inclusion was the subject of the Development-At-Work forum with speaker Dr. Savita Shankar,  held on 29 September  2011.



(19) Irish Member of Parliament Hannigan TD on peacebuilding

Dominic Hannigan TD

14 September 2011 - After his three-week stint as VSO Bahaginan volunteer, Irish Member of Parliament Dominic Hannigan TD presented his preliminary findings on the possibilities for peacebuilding in Mindanao at a Development-At-Work forum organized by the Center for Development Management.



(18) WHO’s Madeleine De Rosas-Valera MD on international hospital reform

Madeleine De Rosas-Valera MD

25 August 2011 - Madeleine De Rosas-Valera MD, Technical Officer for Quality and Patient Safety of the World Health Organization (WHO) Western Pacific Region, presented various country experiences in international hospital reform at the Development-At-Work forum organized by the Center for Development Management.