News and Events


(37) Harvard's Dr. Ross-Degnan and Dr. Wagner on Improving Access to and Use of Medicines

Ross-Degnan intro

03 September 2012 – Two professors from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Dennis Ross-Degnan and Dr. Anita Wagner, came to the Asian Institute of Management to present the highlights of the presentations and recommendations from the 2011 International Conference on Improving Access to and Use of Medicines (ICIUM).



(36) UN World Food Programme's Stephen Anderson on Food Security and Disaster Resilience
Stephen Anderson06 June 2012 - In a Development-at-Work Seminar organized by the AIM Center for Development Management (CDM), UN World Food Programme’s Stephen Anderson highlighted the need for disaster resilience, which has at its core food security. More>>

(35) Tuck School of Business's Kevin Tay on the Key Health Externalities of Mining Activities

Kevin Tay

On 16 August 2012, Kevin Tay, an MBA graduate student at the Dartmouth College -Tuck School of Business and visiting researcher at AIM, presented the findings of his research entitled “Community Health in Mining Areas in the Philippines” at the Development-at-Work forum organized by the Center for Development Management. 


(34) Myanmar Business Coalition on AIDS' Martin Pun on Reforms in Myanmar and NGO Work

Martin Pun intro

04 June 2012 - Mr. Martin Pun, Chairman of the Myanmar Business Coalition on AIDS (MBCA), gave a talk on the reforms taking place in Myanmar in a Development-at-Work Forum held at the Asian Institute of Management.




(33) US Department of State's Nirav Patel on US Engagement with the ASEAN

Patel_edited.jpg23 May 2012 - Speaking in terms of the broader strokes and larger picture of the United States’ involvement in, and engagement with South East Asia, Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, Nirav S. Patel spoke of the crucial role that SEA plays in the realm of global politics in the coming years.



(32) Timor-Leste Finance Minister Emilia Pires on the Value of Transparency in Change

H.E. Pries introLast  May 3,  2012,  Her Excellency Emilia Pires, Minister of Finance and Chair of the g7+, was at the Asian Institute of Management to deliver a speech on "Transparency and Development in Timor-Leste: From Fragility to Stability."




(31) IMF’s Duttagupta and Bluedorn on the Economic and Policy Implications of Commodity Price Swings


18 April 2012 - International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Dr. Rupa Duttagupta and Dr. John Bluedorn was at the Asian Institute of Management to share the findings of their research on the economic and policy implications of commodity price swings for commodity exporters.



(30) ADB’s Norio Usui on Achieving Inclusive Growth for the Philippines


12 April 2012 - Mr. Norio Usui, Senior Country Economist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) asserts that the Philippines can only achieve inclusive growth if its economy can finally and truly “walk on two legs” instead of just one.




(29) Japanese Foreign Ministry's Hatsuhisa Takashima on Japan’s Disaster Management and Recovery


16 March 2012 - Mr. Hatsuhisa Takashima, former Chief Commentator and Director-General of NHK News and former Press Secretary of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke to a packed conference hall about how Japan coped with the aftermath of “the Great East Japan Earthquake" that hit the country on March 11, 2011.



(28) ILO's Sara Elder on Measuring School-to-Work Transitions of Young Men and Women


27 February 2012 - International Labour Organization's Sara Elder was at the Asian Institute of Management to present the results of the school-to-work transition surveys (SWTS).