News and Events


(84) Dr. Krissanapong Kirtikara reflects on rural development work in Thailand
Rural Dev_2.JPGDr. Krissanapong Kirtikara of the Princess Maha Chakri Award Foundation shared his reflections on his experience and observations regarding rural development work in Thailand. In discussing  royal patronage, social enterprises, and community-driven efforts, Dr. Kirtikara’s lecture covered decades of work in education, science, and rural development from the grassroots to the highest levels of government.More>>

(83) LSE Professor James Putzel reflects on state of Philippine society
Fissures of Fragility_1James Putzel, PhD, full professor at the International Development Department of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Director of the LSE Crisis States Centre, visited AIM on 17 June to present his analysis on the looming challenges to peace and development that the incoming administration will face. He argued the case for transformative politics using Meeting the Challenges of Crisis States, a report he co-authored with Jonathan Di-John.More>>

(82) Paul Ballard on Capitalizing on Convergence
Convergence_1Mr. Paul Ballard, Founding Partner of WAVE (Wei Lai Advisors, Ventures, Enterprises), visited AIM for a Development@Work talk entitled “Capitalizing on Convergence: How Emerging Markets’ Businesses and Governments can Succeed and Manage Risks in Today’s Global Market”. The talk was about the disruptive changes that have occurred in world markets in the past decade, and how the global financial crash in 2008 – 2009 transformed the context for businesses in emerging markets.More>>

(81) Conversations on Cybersecurity
20151028_cybersecurity_4.JPGIn partnership with the US Embassy in Manila, the Asian Institute of Management hosted “Conversations on Cybersecurity.” This Dev@Work seminar tackled the security threats and areas of improvement for cybersecurity in the Philippines based on NBI Chief Ronald Aguto, Jr.’s and Police Senior Inspector Levy Lozada’s experiences in the IVLP Program.More>>

(80) NSC on the National Security Policy and Its Organization

NSC_3.JPGRear Admiral Vicente Agdamag, AFP (retired), Undersecretary of the National Security Council (NSC) and Dr. Lorenzo A. Clavejo, Director V of the Strategic Planning Office of NSC, discussed the coverage and content of the National Security Policy (NSP) for 2011 – 2016 and the elements, processes and the functions of the Organization for National Security (ONS) for the 80th Dev@Work Seminar.


(79) Ms. Shikha Jha on the Importance of Good Governance in Developing Asia
Dev at Work 79 1.JPGAs part of the Zuellig School’s Development@Work Series, Ms. Shikha Jha visited AIM to discuss Prof. Anil Deolalikar’s findings about the relationship of governance and development in Asia. His book, ‘Governance in Developing Asia’ is the first regional report on governance, empowerment and inclusive development. It provides important analysis for policy makers, businesses, academics, and civil society.

(78) Dr. Md. Muzaffar Ahmed on Save the Children Bangladesh' HEFS Program

20150309 STCBD 2.JPG Last March 9, MDM 1997 graduate Dr. Md. Muzaffar Ahmed visited AIM to talk about Save the Children’s Household Economic and Food Security (HEFS/Shiree) Program. This Development@Work talk introduced the program’s background in Bangladesh, its model and achievements, the major challenges it faced, and the lessons and best practices learned from implementing the program.


(77) Prof. Kuni Miyake on East Asia's Geopolitical Environment

20150129_2.JPGIn partnership with the Japanese Embassy and the AIM Policy Center, AIM ZSDM held a Dev@Work seminar entitled “The Changing Geopolitical Environment in East Asia and the Policy of Abe Administration” last January 29. The seminar tackled the history and current status of the geopolitical environment in East Asia set by the People’s Republic of China.


(76) ADB presents studies on Knowledge-Based Economies

76-ADB BannerThe Asian Development Bank and AIM-ZSDM held a joint Development@Work on “Innovative Asia: Advancing the Knowledge-Based Economy” last January 22, where the key findings from ADB’s studies on Asia’s knowledge economies were presented by Ms. Shanti Jagannathan.


(75) Mr. Arjun Thapan on the Water Crisis and the Efficiency Paradigm
IMG_5006.JPG Mr. Arjun Thapan, chairman of Waterlinks and one of the world’s leading thinkers on water issues, delivered a talk entitled “Water and Asia’s Future: Grim Forebodings and Time for Reform” last October 27.More>>