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(16) Development, Diplomacy and Defense by Ambassador Philip Goldberg
US_AF_1.JPGAs part of the Zuellig School’s Ambassador’s Forum series, U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg visited AIM last March 3 to give a talk about the United States’ approach to supporting development in the Philippines.More>>

[Peace] has to be converted to development and stability - Ambassador Gamini Samaranayake

AmbaForum_SriLanka_01.JPGPolitical conflict and conflict resolution in Sri Lanka was the topic of H.E. Gamini Samaranayake of the Embassy of Sri Lanka during the Ambassadors’ Forum last February 20. The forum examined and analyzed the nature, patterns, and causes of the political violence in Sri Lanka, as well as the process of conflict resolution undertaken by the government.


(14) Wars begin when diplomacy fails; Wars end when diplomacy begins – Ambassador Asif Ahmad

UK_thumbnail06 August 2014 - His Excellency Asif Ahmad, British Ambassador to the Philippines, was the guest speaker at the Ambassador’s Forum@AIM held last August 4, 2014. He talked about the role of diplomacy in resolving conflict.


(13) Development is the foundation of peace and stability - Ambassador Esra Cankorur

Turkey_thumbnail10 July 2014 - The AIM Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management hosted the Ambassador’s Forum last 09 July 2014 with Turkish Ambassador to the Philippines, Her Excellency Esra Cankorur, as special guest speaker.


(12) Our bonds are strong and will continue to grow - Ambassador Ivo Sieber


9 June 2014 - Swiss Ambassador to the Philippines, His Excellency Ivo Sieber was the guest speaker at the recently concluded Ambassador’s Forum held at the Asian Institute of Management, Makati City. His speech focused on the robust relationship between Switzerland and the Philippines.

(11) We are supportive of PH Government's development agenda - Ambassador Neil Reeder

canada_thumbnail03 April 2014 - In the second Ambassador's Forum for 2014, His Excellency Neil Reeder of the Embassy of Canada presented Canadian's government assistance to the victims of Yolanda, its support for the peace process, and continuing efforts to increase trade, investment and people-to-people linkage between the Philippines and Canada. 


(10) There is this affinity that binds us…we should build on that - Ambassador Van Remoortele


01 March 2014 - His Excellency Roland Van Remoortele of the Royal Belgian Embassy was the guest speaker at the Ambassador’s Forum@AIM held last February 27, 2014. He talked about the history of the Belgian-Philippines relations and how the two countries could further enhance its economic and political relations. 


(9) Because of our pollution, people are dying – Ambassador Ton Boon von Ochssee

Holland_thumb25 July 2013 - His Excellency Ton Boon von Ochssee of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was guest speaker at the Ambassador’s Forum@AIM held last  23 July 2013. He tackled several issues on sustainable development and shared some insights on how to get sustainable development work.


(8) We will continue to build more cooperative relationship - Ambassador Sakonhninhom


01 June 2013 - Her Excellency Malayvieng Sakonhninhom, Lao PDR Ambassador to the Philippines was at the Asian Institute of Management last 31 May 2013 for the eight Ambassador’s Forum organized by the Center for Development Management. She provided insights on the economic development trends in Lao PDR, and developments on the Lao PDR-Philippines relations.


(7) Transformation will occur if we work together – Ambassador Amit Dasgupta

Amb Amit_thumb

22 March 2013 - His Excellency Amit Dasgupta, Indian Ambassador to the Philippines, was at the Asian Institute of Management last 20 March 2013 for the first Ambassadors’ Forum @ AIM for 2013. The talk, organized by the Center for Development Management and entitled “Managing Foreign Policy: An Indian Perspective” focused on India's foreign policy and Philippines-India relations.