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MDM women leaders conduct gender advocacy and development seminar for DOH

2 December 2015 – Last November 13, 10 women leaders from the Master in Development Management class of 2015 conducted a Gender Advocacy and Development Seminar for employees of the Department of Health (DOH). 
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Themed “Asian Women Leadership: Lessons from Various Countries and Its Applicability in our Present Society”, the seminar served as the final requirement for MDM 2015’s Women Leader Fellows, along with the final case study of a woman leader of her choice.
The program began with a rapport development activity called the “Marshmallow Game", followed by an interactive group discussion to conduct an individual evaluation of the DOH employees’ perception on women leaders today.
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“Asian Women Leadership” then introduced its participants to five Asian women leaders and their contributions to their respective societies. The discussions and women leaders assigned were as follows:

Group 1: Elsa D’ Silva from India

Facilitator: Hamsa Sundar (India)
Rapporteur: Zeenta Bishwakarma (Nepal)

Group 2:  Daw May Sabe Phyu from Myanmar

Facilitator: Phyo Phyo Wai (Myanmar)
Rapporteur: Saleha Khatun (Bangladesh)

Group 3: Kim Henares from the Philippines

Facilitator: Darina Khan (Czech Republic)
Rapporteur: Kimsear Hong (Cambodia)

Group 4: Yasmin Busran-Lao from the Philippines

Facilitator: Hasminah Paudac (Philippines)
Rapporteur: Nazreen Ahmed (Pakistan)

Group 5: Leah S. Paquiz from the Philippines

Facilitator: Charisma Ututalum (Philippines)
Rapporteur: Panpan Ma (China)
After the discussions, representatives of the participant groups were asked to present their insights and personal evaluations.

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