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(81) Conversations on Cybersecurity

November 2, 2015 – The AIM Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management and the Embassy of the United States in Manila held a Development@Work Seminar last October 28.


Mr. Stephen Cutler, PhD, Overseas Security Advisory Council, Country Council Chairman - Philippines

Entitled ‘Conversations on Cybersecurity’, the forum tackled the experiences and insights on cybersecurity taken away by National Bureau of Intelligence (NBI) Chief Ronald Aguto, Jr. and Philippine National Police (PNP) Police Senior Inspector Levy Lozada during the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). Mr. Stephen Cutler, PhD, Security Advisory Council’s Country Council Chairman for the Philippines, moderated the event.

The IVLP is a 3-week program wherein participants from different countries are taken on an immersion trip in the US to learn about US’ cybersecurity measures. The program encourages the exchange of experiences among its diverse participants, especially on how cybersecurity relates to business and development.


Roland P. Aguto, Jr., Chief of Cybercrime Division, National Bureau of Intelligence

Chief Aguto shared his observations on the US’ holistic approach to information exchange. The clear structures define the responsibilities and accountabilities, unlike in the NBI. He discusses later on how there is no set standard to whether cases get assigned to the PNP or the NBI. He also shared his observations in terms of available facilities in the US.

During the Q&A, Aguto focused on the importance of private-public partnerships. Collaboration is the way for us to harness our current academic and private resources in making our cyber institutions more secure, especially in the short term.


Police Senior Inspector Levy Lozada, EnCE, Chief of the Digital Forensic Laboratory, Anti-Cybercrime Group, Philippine National Police

Police Senior Inspector Lozada talked about his observations on the active role of the academe. According to him, empowerment in terms of education is important, and could be achieved by implementing programs and courses on cybersecurity for local practitioners. Still on the topic of local cybersecurity experts, he also expressed his concern on how the government can retain experts instead of having them transfer to the private sector. During the Q&A, he noted the importance of legislations in institutionalizing cybersecurity efforts.

Going into his insights, Lozada told the audience that his most important takeaway was that there was no such thing as absolute security, but there is such a thing as proactive security. Cybercrime is a real threat, he emphasized. He said that it is the private citizen’s responsibility to secure his/her own data, it is the responsibility of corporations to secure their clients’ data, and it is the government’s responsibility to secure our national cyberspace.

Photos from the event may be accessed here [link to be updated].

About Conversations on Cybersecurity and the IVLP Project on Cybersecurity

The United States and the Philippines are working together to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.  A reliable, open, and secure Internet is important for the Philippine government and business community given the vital role of communication and information in the 21st century.  As a part of this partnership effort, the U.S. recently hosted two participants in the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) project on Cybersecurity.   Chief Ronald Aguto of the Cybercrime Division at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and Police Senior Inspector Levy Lozada of the Anti-Cybercrime Group at the Philippine National Police (PNP) held discussions with network security experts, cybersecurity regulation experts, privacy protection activists, and affected industry representatives to explore current threat assessments and the risks and responses to growing malevolent cyber activity.  They also learned how the government and business community are responding with technological and legal countermeasures.

About the Development@Work Seminar Series

The AIM Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management hosts numerous talks and public lectures on different aspects of development management. These seminars and lectures are free and open to the public, unless stated otherwise. For information on future seminars, visit the News and Events section of this website or like us on Facebook (



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