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CDM attends the Annual GDLN Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting in Seoul, South Korea

07 November 2013 - The AIM Center for Development Management, represented by its Research Manager Mr. Justin Modesto, participated in the Annual Conference of the Global Distance Learning Network (GDLN) Asia-Pacific held last October 22-26, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. GDLN is a World Bank initiative hosting more than 120 distance learning centers all over the world. 

The annual conference was attended by 40 representatives of Global Distance Learning Centers from the Asia-Pacific region (South Asia and East Asia). World Bank was also present, represented by Phil Karp, Laurent Porte (GDLN Global Secretariat), and Juan Blazquez.

The conference covered the following sessions: highlights of the GDLN Global Update on the Board Meeting, background on Korean economy, changes, and science/IT development by KDI, the New World Bank’s South-South Knowledge Exchange focus. There were also workshops and discussions on some successful program delivery sharing within the GDL network, GDLN governance issues, and future direction of the network. The conference also hosted E-Learning and Blended Learning Workshop on Webinars, Digital Learning, and Quality Assurance. The conference was hosted by KDI School of Public Policy and Management in Seoul, South Korea. 


The World Bank Global Distance Learning Center (GDLC) at the Asian Institute of Management was launched in 2002, becoming the first dedicated videoconferencing facility that links the World Bank's headquarters in Washington D.C. and various GDLCs around the globe. The GDLC in AIM has a seating capacity of 45, with 30 fully-dedicated computer terminals that help facilitte hands-on, asynchronous learning sessions. 

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