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(17) Juan Miguel Luz on sustaining the reform gains of the Aquino Administration


Dean Mike Luz shares his thoughts on how the reform gains of the Aquino Administration could be sustained in an opinion piece published by The Rappler on 13 January 2013.

He opines that now could be the right time to focus on the small stuff such as how airports are managed and traffic rules are enforced. He adds that  neglecting these petty stuff could produce negative results, develop bad habits among people and institutions, and then later on might undermine the gains of policy reforms that are being carried out by the Aquino government. 

Click here to read Dean Luz's article entitled "Time to Sweat the Small Stuff" on Rappler's Thought Leaders section. 

Click here to view Dean Luz's profile.  





Very interesting views from Juan Miguel Luz, but they all sound like they could be put in place if people really wanted to get them moving.

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