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(28) ILO's Sara Elder on Measuring School-to-Work Transitions of Young Men and Women

27 February 2012 - International Labour Organization's (ILO) Sara Elder was at the Asian Institute of Management to present the results of the school-to-work transition surveys (SWTS). The surveys were conducted twice over a five-year period in 28 countries, including the Philippines. It explores how well young men and women are doing in the labour market in terms of security and satisfaction. It also explores in some depth particular topics such as job search and recruitment methods and the earnings of young workers.


Elder_insideAccording to Ms. Elder, the study was conducted due to existing restrictions to labour market information. These restrictions has pushed the ILO to develop the SWTS which uses a “two-pronged approach” in generating a large pool of data on the characteristics of the youth population (household size, mobility, education attainment), their current activities, stages of transition and path of transition. While the survey is not extraordinary, it is particularly important because of two things: (1) the development of indicators that define the stages of transition and the quality of transition, and (2) the application of “decent work” as a concept that is integrated into the analytical framework built around the SWTS. How did they measure transition? By using two factors: stability and satisfaction.

The SWTS has yielded some interesting results. It revealed that transited youth is most likely an older male from an urban area, while the young urban females have the greatest likelihood of having not yet started transition. Contrary to popular belief, higher education does not guarantee easier transition from school to work. The study also revealed that a large majority of employed youth actually got their jobs through family and friends, while the unemployed youth used other job search channels. The study has assisted in the formulation of policy and program interventions aimed at addressing youth employment challenges faced by ILO Member States.


Click here to download Sara Elder's presentation.

Click here to download the ILO Report on School-to-Work Transition Survey (SWTS).

Development-at-Work Seminar No. 28 ♦ "School-to-Work Transition of Young Men and Women" was presented by the AIM Center for Development Management.

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