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Dr. Nihal Amerasinghe speaks on Sri Lanka in light of Asian development

Dr. Nihal Amerasinghe

Dr. Nihal Amerasinghe, Center for Development Management (CDM) core faculty member was guest speaker at the Postgraduate Institute of Management in Sri Lanka, a news article on the forum reports. Entitled "International Financial Institutions and Development in Asia," after his book published by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in 2011, Dr. Amerasinghe's discussion cut across what the poorer Asian countries need to consider in order to get on the path of development.   

Speaking based on history, Dr. Amerasinghe says that at the end of the Korean War in 1953, "Korea looked to the Philippines to learn how to do their own planning as at the time, the Philippines had many beautiful plans drawn up. Yet, where is the Republic of Korea today and where is the Philippines? The Philippines is very good at planning but do not implement and Sri Lanka too needs to plan but also needs to focus on the implementation.”

But the problems are plenty, among which Dr. Amerasinghe spoke of quality of life, agriculture, international migration, rapid urbanization, private capital, and perceptions created by international media.   

Click here to read the rest of the article entitled "International Financial Institutions and Development in Asia" published by the DailyFT Online on 12 January 2012. 







I believe that Sri Lanka needs a better plan to lift the status of Life of her people. So the value of well educated, reputed people arises here...That is my idea...



Sri Lanka needs a revolutionary amendments to its constitution and also the educational system to get into the path of success. Otherwise It cannot get out of third world.

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