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(9) Nereus Acosta on climate change impact and risks

Nereus Acosta
Nereus Acosta, former faculty member at the Center for Development Management and 
principal author of many environmental laws in the Philippines, writes about climate-change impact and risks, and the necessary adaptation strategies that the national and local governments and businesses could take to reduce these risks in an article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on 31 December 2011. 


Click here to read the full article entitled "Building resilience and adaptation" on Philippine Daily Inquirer's online site. 

Nereus Acosta is a former member of the CDM faculty and former Representative of the first district of the province of Bukidonon from 1998 to 2007. He is currently the Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection with the rank of Cabinet Secretary and concurrent General Manager of the Laguna Lake Development Authority




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