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(4) Radio jingles against gender-based violence in public transport in Nepal

written by Radha Paudel (MDM Class of 2010), Nepal


awonAction Works Nepal (AWON) has taken the lead in the fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Public Transport. On June 3 2011, AWON organized an interaction program with national level stakeholders, gathering contributions from women users, government people, media, associations of public transport, trade unions, civil society organizations, traffic police, researchers. Delegates from Karnali to Jeneva arrived at the meeting.

As its first project, AWON recently produced and aired radio jingles, in line with the fact that many stakeholders, especially women and girls are suffering from various forms of violence related to public transport. The most extreme case happened recently, where a NUN woman was gang raped in Eastern Nepal while she was traveling on a public bus.

The radio jingles have been airing through Audio Radio, the most popular radio station among bus drivers and conductors. It airs four times a day, at 10:55 AM, 2:30 PM, 7:55 PM and 8:55 PM, respectively.

While the radio jingles are not enough, it's a first step in raising awareness about the Code of Conduct 2067 and the Rights of Women and Girls. A radio program about sexual harassment in the public sphere, especially in educational institutions and public transport, also airs every Saturday, 7:30 to 8:00PM. The radio program may be listened to on

Meanwhile, as a fellow of the South Asian Network for Addressing Mascuilinities (SANAM), I am working on a research project entitled “Understanding Mascuilinities on Public Transport” in Kathmandu, Nepal. Action Works Nepal is open to innovative ideas and collaboration in relation to this project.


Ms. Radha Paudel is the founder and president of  Action Works Nepal (AWON). You may send comments on this article to Ms. Paudel at





A very bright idea, I thought till date only newspapers and TV did so. But Even Radio Jingles can make a difference to raise awareness against violence.

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