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Professor Ron Chua on microfinance and agriculture

Prof. Ronald Chua17 June 2011 - Six million upper level poor families are served by microfinance institutions in the country, yet there remains a supply and demand gap on financial services for rural households. This was the premise of the 4th Microfinance Best Practices Forum organized by the Mindanao Microfinance Council, Visayas Association of Microfinance Institutions, MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center and Victo National Cooperative Federation and Development Center.

Bringing the microfinance industry together, the forum focused on the fact that despite a growing number of borrowers, the agriculture and fisheries sectors remain the least served by microfinance institutions. According to Professor Ronald Chua, core faculty member of the Center for Development management (CDM), microfinance institutions in fact have yet to reach close to six million households, given the number of poor people in the country who live in the rural areas.These households would be part of the 11 million estimated to be part of the agriculture sector in the country.


Click here to read the news on the Fourth Microfinance Best Practices Forum entitled "Agri 'least served' by microfinance" published by SunStar Cebu on 09 June 2011. 



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