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Professor Ronald Mendoza on PH Global Economic Competitiveness

Prof. Ron Mendoza
Prof Ronald Mendoza on
PH Global Economic

19 May 2011 - The Institute of Management Development (IMD) released the World Competitive Yearbook 2011on Wednesday, revealing that the Philippines has fallen two notches from last year, to 41st place in the 2011 ranking of 59 world economies.

The ranking is done in terms of global competitiveness in general, where the Philippines particularly fell six notches in terms of government efficiency, from 31st place last year to 37th place this year. The numbers were also low for international investments, business legislation, basic infrastructure and education.

This however does not remove the fact of high GDP growth rate and high export numbers, improvements that are crucial as well to the Philippine's economic global competitiveness. According to Professor Ronald Mendoza, Center of Development Management faculty member and executive director of the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center, "The Department of Budget and Management's efforts to open up the budget process to the private sector is an example of good reforms by this government."

The AIM Policy Center is IMD‘s local partner for the World Competitive Yearbook 2011.

Read the news on the IDM report in "PH competitiveness down two notches -- study" on GMA News Online, 18 May 2011. 

Click here for more information on  the World Competitive Yearbook 2011.


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