Rommel Camantigue
The Management Research Report (MRR)
The MRR is a major requirement of the MDM program. It gives students the opportunity to apply and integrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired. It also gives them the opportunity to formulate an organizational strategy that will affect substantive change within their organizations and communities. Students are assigned a faculty mentor/adviser to coach them in preparing and completing their MRRs.
Some of our outstanding MRRs:
Pannee of Thailand (MDM 2006) wrote a management research report that became the plan for the establishment of a rice farmers association in Northeast Thailand that produces organic rice and vegetables and markets the former to Europe under a fair trade label.
Veasna Mao of Cambodia (MDM 2010) wrote an MRR on rice production and exportation that became the blueprint of the rice export office of his country. 
Henriqueta Da Silva of Timor Leste (MDM 2011) wrote an MRR on a comprehensive local development model for Timor Leste. Today, she is a senior figure in teh Office of the Secretary of State for Institutional Strengthening. 
Le Thi Ngoc Diep of Vietnam (MDM 2013) returned to her country to implement her MRR on a human resource strategy to cover for the gradual reduction in foreigh funding for Ho Chi Minh City’s HIV/AIDS management program.

Suresh Kumar of India (MDM 2006) is now a senior officer in the Government of India Administrative Service. His MRR was on the coal and energy security of India. In 2011, he was awarded a Presidential Award of Appreciation.

Other outstanding MRRs:

Country MRR Title Author
Cambodia Managing Financial Risks in UNDP Cambodia’s Development Assistance Portfolio Lea Tamayo, MDM 2009 (a Filipino based in Cambodia)
India  Poverty Reduction Management Plan for the Suri-I Panchayat Samiti, in West Bengal, India Prabhas Kumar Ukil, MDM 2011
Indonesia Beyond Physical Housing: Building Homes, Building Lives — Habitat for Humanity Ngadiman Handoko, MDM 2008
Maldives Mainstreaming People with Disabilities into the Development Process in the Maldives Salma Fikry, MDM 2004
Philippines A Strategy for the PNP Program Management Office to Effectively Implement the PNP Integrated Transformation Program Jonathan Pablito, MDM 2009
Philippines Digitalization of medical records of patients consulting at the emergency room of the Manila Doctors Hospital: A Feasbility Study Rommel Camantigue, MDM 2012
Vietnam A Strategy for the State Bank of Vietnam in Conjunction with the Integration Process of the Banking Sector Hoang Hanh Thi Phuong, MDM 2006