Held at the end of the second module of the MDM Program, the International Field Review (IFR) is a two-week immersion in a second Asian country to look at their local development projects.

Coming from the first module’s Rapid Area Assessment (RAA), where the focus is on data gathering and assessment, the IFR now focuses on honing students’ project review and benefits evaluation skills. The IFR looks beyond the data to find what has happened between the project design and the project implementation, and it looks into each project’s sustainability.

The IFR is culminated by an International Evening, where the MDM students, faculty and significant figures in different sectors in the country of study are invited to a dinner reception.

The IFR course has been held in Indonesia (2011), Vietnam (2012), Cambodia (2013), Lao PDR (2014) and Thailand (2015).

2011: Indonesia


MDM 2011 Learning Team 2 visited a posyandu in OKI District in Palembang (North Sumatra), where the facilities have been provided by the NICE project. Benefits from the project include monthly check-ups. Their study was on nutrition improvement through community empowerment. (Photo from MDM 2011 LT2) MDM 2011 Learning Team 6 met with soft-shelled crab farmers of Pangkalan Susu during their IFR in Langkat (North Sumatra). Learning about the farmers' current condition and hopes for the future was part of their study on sustainable aquaculture development for food security and poverty reduction. (Photo from MDM 2011 LT6)

2012: Vietnam


MDM 2012 Learning Team 1 met with school officials of the Huey University of Vietnam to talk about their schools' curriculum development and teacher training projects. (Photo from MDM 2012 LT1) MDM 2012 Learning Team 3 "exchanged ideas" with some students of the Thai Nguyen University, and discovered tidbits about the cultural relationship between students and their teachers. (Photo from MDM 2012 LT3)

2013: Cambodia


MDM students after a discussion with community members in Cambodia. (Photo from Fr. Rex Arjona) MDM with Ek Sonn Chan (center), General Director of Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority. Mr. Chan is a 2016 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for his "exemplary rehabilitation of a ruined public utility, bringing safe drinking water to a million people in Cambodia's capital city." (Photo from Ashfaq Ahmad)

2014: Lao PDR


The 55 graduate students of MDM 2014 went to different provinces in Laos and evaluated development projects financed by the Asian Development Bank. (Photos from the MDM 2014 students)