MDM Learning Activities


MDM in angkor2

MDM 2013 in Angkor Wat, Cambodia (Photo courtesy of Zabra Siwa, MDM 2013) 


The Rapid Area Assessment (RAA)

The Rapid Area Assessment is the culminating learning activity for the MDM Program’s Term 1. It involves actual field work or area immersion of the learning teams in organizations and geographic areas of their choice for study. The RAA provides an opportunity to integrate their learning from the various courses as they design their rapid assessment study and undertake data collection and analysis, report writing and presentation in class. The RAA is a learning team activity happening two weeks after the final exams of Term 1. Each learning team selects the geographic areas and organizations they’d like to study based on the guidelines for site selection and their financial capacity to shoulder the full costs of the RAA, including transportation, supplies, food and accommodations. The RAA also exposes the students to the challenges of managing relationships as they work together for two weeks, and to think on their feet while conducting research.

Written Analysis of Case (WAC)

The Written Analysis of Case (WAC) is a structured way of testing the abilities of an MDM student in analyzing a case and organizing and presenting this analysis in a well-written paper. It is a timebound exercise that requires individual thought, the organization of ideas, and the presentation of these in writing that is coherent, cohesive, logical, internally consistent and concise in presentation. A total of six (6) WACs will be assigned over the first two terms. Starting with Term 2, one MDM faculty member will take charge of assigning, reading, and grading WACs. The cases will be drawn along the lines of the different subjects taught during the term. This means that the subject of each WAC will be different from the other.

The International Field Review (IFR) is a two-week immersion in a second country within Asia to look at development projects funded by multilateral agencies. The IFR focuses on honing students’ skill in project review and benefits evaluation. The IFR has been held in Indonesia (2011), Vietnam (2012), Cambodia (2013), Lao PDR (2014), and Thailand (2015).

The MRR is a major requirement of the MDM program. It gives students the opportunity to apply and integrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired. It also gives them the opportunity to formulate an organizational strategy that will affect substantive change within their organizations and communities. Students are assigned a faculty mentor/adviser to coach them in preparing and completing their MRRs.

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