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The Executive Master in Development Management (E/MDM) in Public Finance is a degree program customized to professionalize and upgrade the management capabilities of public financial managers.
E/MDM graduates make up a sustainable pool of able and professional public servants that are both leaders and managers in the field of public management and development management with specialization in public finance. 


Small Economy in a Global Setting. E/MDM recognizes economic categories and their intricate characteristics in the light of globalization. As small, developing economies continue to be at a disadvantage in the global economy, E/MDM looks closely at opportunities and challenges, and points to strategic approaches for governance and development. 
Governance and Competitiveness. E/MDM explores the various measures of competitiveness in the light of complex economic landscape, social and political environment, and industry structure and benchmarks. It looks at enhancing a nation’s ability to maintain high rates of economic growth and productivity with sustained employment.
Green Economy. Environment is a primary concern of development. E/MDM aspires to use leadership, development policies, and fiscal reforms to mitigate environmental risks caused by market and institutional failures, and to advance sustainable development goals towards a green economy. 


This two-year program will have 1-week classes every month for 18 months. There are no classes in April and there are monthly breaks after each module. Each module has 4 clusters of courses: Core Management Courses, Finance/Public Finance Courses, Leadership Courses, and Capstone Project.

Module 1: General Management Tools (12 Units, 120 Sessions)

This module equips the students with knowledge on the fundamental management principles and the skills to perform core management functions. By the end of the first module, the students should have identified problem areas that could serve as the subject matter of a proposal in the Capstone Project.

Module 2: Application in Public Finance (14 Units, 140 Sessions)

This module is geared towards competency building in different areas of finance as they operate in the public sector. The strategic management subject equips the students with an opportunity to integrate learning that could lead to strategic application primarily on policy formulation and analysis. By the end of the second module, the students should have developed a project design based on the approved proposal.

Module 3: Deepening Understanding of Public Finance Issues (10 Units, 100 Sessions)

This module is grounded on specialized elective subjects which the students have collectively chosen to be most relevant and beneficial to their organization or areas of work. The set of electives should also help the students in further developing and analzying their capstone project, which they should complete as a Strategic Management Paper (SMP) by the end of the third module.



The E/MDM in Public Finance Program hopes to contribute to the achievement of the Philippine government’s goal of fiscal sustainability in public finance. Thus, the program employs opportunities for its graduate students to learn and analyze practices within the region, as well as provide an opportunity for actual application.

The International Field Review Course

The E/MDM students will be immersed in a chosen Asian country to closely examine organizations, policies, programs, or projects on public finance. It is a complimentary exercise for competency-building in different areas of finance including, but not limited to, fiscal planning, taxation, government budgeting and investment programming, accounting and financial reporting, internal controls and audit, state-owned enterprises, project finance and management of financial institutions. It creates an opportunity for the students to integrate learning that could lead to application of policy analysis and formulation and development of strategies.

The Strategic Management Paper

Each E/MDM in Public Finance student must prepare, implement and report on a Strategic Management Project (SMP) as requirement for graduation. The SMP should be a project related to the graduate student’s official work in their respective agencies. It must reflect an innovation that is to be designed in Module 1, set up and piloted in Modules 2 and 3, and written and reported in Module 3. The SMP output must be reflected in Philippine Peso value in terms of results realized (e.g. new revenue gain, cost reduction, increased productivity).


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