About the Zuellig School

About the Zuellig School

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About the Zuellig School

The Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management (ZSDM), formerly the Center of Development Management (CDM), is AIM’s response to the challenge of  sustaining Asian development. The school's mission is to mold the next generation of development leaders and change agents at the development organization level and in government. It works with emerging nations to build a national corps of public managers who can supervise public service delivery programs, including poverty reduction projects.
ZSDM’s Master in Development Management (MDM) program, Executive MDM (E/MDM) in Public Finance, and certificate programs seek to produce development catalysts who are capable of implementing programs on change management, public-private engagements, organizational development, and human resource management, focused on building strong institutions for sustainability, with the largest impact on the poorest.

History of the Zuellig School

Development management education at AIM began in 1976 with the Rural Development Management Program (RDMP). In 1985, learnings from RDMP were developed into a four-week certificate course entitled the Program for Development Managers (PDM). In 1989, the PDM became the core of the first Master in Development Management (MDM) course. In 1991, the Center for Development Management (CDM) was formally established as a program center and school at AIM. Since then, the center has conducted 25 batches of the MDM Program with over 1,000 graduates coming from 40 countries within and beyond Asia.  
In 2014, CDM was renamed the Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management (ZSDM or the Zuellig School). The Zuellig School as we know it today is proof of its continued relevance to management and development beyond race, creed, gender and boundaries. Here, changed leaders, renewed organizations, and better Asian nations are built.

Dr. Stephen Zuellig: Profile of a Filipino Business Leader  

Dr. Stephen Zuellig is an economist, entrepreneur, social investor, corporate citizen, visionary and Filipino business leader.

He has had one foot in Asia and one foot in Europe throughout his life. Born in Manila in 1917 to Swiss parents, the young Stephen was educated in Europe before returning to Asia to work. Together with his brother Gilbert, Stephen successfully and through sheer determination, grew the company their father had built, parlaying it into the diversified multi-national conglomerate collectively known today as The Zuellig Group.

Aside from continuing to guide the company as Honorary Chairman, Dr. Zuellig in his private capacity has actively and quietly sought out ways to increase his social involvement and contribute to the region’s development. A foundation was created in 1997 to consolidate his various individual efforts; this foundation has since evolved into the Zuellig Family Foundation, whose mandate is to make healthcare accessible to the marginalized sectors of Philippine society.

Given his passion for education and strong commitment to development, Dr. Zuellig is a stalwart partner of AIM. Under the banner of the Institute, the Stephen Zuellig Center for Asian Business Transformation was created as a Center of Excellence to help homegrown Asian businesses develop into globally competitive industries.

In addition, the AIM Zuellig Group Scholarship Fund was established with his support, providing for ten development management scholars annually for five years. The scholars form a synergistic community of development managers who will draw from each other to maximize their impact on their respective communities – reflective of how Dr. Zuellig relates with other individuals.

Most recently, Dr. Zuellig cemented the partnership with AIM by giving a generous donation to the Center for Development Management, which was then renamed in his honor. The Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management aims to become a regional hub for development management education. 

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