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AIM Development Management Stories

The Center for Development Management has paved its way to what is now the Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management, producing quality Development graduates, promoting change here and across the globe.

This page features the highlights of our alumni's stay with AIM's School of Development Management.

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Bangladesh • MDM 2015
HR Team Leader, BRAC

Eleven months journey in MDM was a roller coaster journey.. Ha ha. But as I have survived this, I have learned that being reliable in volatile situation, trustworthy in uncertain situation, direct in complex situation and understandable in an ambiguous situation could be a way out of this VUCA world.

The most important takeaway for me is not any framework or tools I have came across during the program, but to learn how to listen to my heart. Then ask my head to think and then use my hand to do it. I learned it from my very beautiful and handsome classmates. Our smart faculties helped us to guide though. But it is my classmates to whom I am very much grateful to what I have achieved today. The multicultural and diverse environment gave me diverse outlook of life. I learned to live and love and still continue to exercise these in my daily life.