The MDM Class of 2015 includes development professionals that come from 14 countries within and beyond Asia. It's this diversity that makes the MDM program a unique academic experience.
Change Yourself

From individual development to organizational leadership.
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37 public managers from the Royal Government of Bhutan finishes the first Results-Based Management and Leadership (RBML) program customized by ZSDM.
Change your organization

From organizational leadership to institutional change agents.
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MDM 2015 Goes off the beaten track of Uncharted, the 5th Annual RAA Exhibit. The class visited 9 remote Philippine municipalities to do their rapid assessment study, integrating their learnings from Module 1.
Change Society

From institutional change agents to country growth and development.
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Fifty members of the DepEd Region 10 support staff completed a team development and leadership training program.
Be the change

The future of Asia rests on leaders willing to challenge themselves and create lasting change for their communities and societies-at-large.
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